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Scuba Love - Decal

Product Type
Scuba Love Decals 
  • Made from high-quality Premium OEM Exterior Grade UV resistant
  • Waterproof vinyl with an outdoor life of 6+ years.
  • Die cut stickers
  • The background color will be the color of the object you place it on.
  • The adhesive is on the back side so it will stick to the outside of your surface.
Custom Size Decal
  • If you need a custom size,  just contact us via our

How To Apply A Vinyl Decal:

Step 1 - Clean the Surface

  • Wipe surface clean using a damp cloth with water or rubbing alcohol.  Wait until the surface is completely dry.  (NO WINDEX)


Step 2 - Prepare and Position Decal

  • Take your squeegee and rub the top layer of the decal on a hard surface.  Position your decal on the intended surface & secure the sheet with tape along the top.  The tape now acts as a hinge.

Step 3 - Remove Backing Paper

  • Flip the sheet on its hinge & very slowly peel the backing paper from the decal.  If the decal stays stuck to the backing paper, rub the decal onto the transfer tape & slowly try again.  Try changing angles as well.


Step 4 - Apply the Decal

  • Using a squeegee, firmly rub over the transfer tape, working from the center out.


Step 5 - Remove the Transfer Tape

  • At a 45 degree angle very slowly peel back the edge of the transfer.  Press over the decal with your squeegee/application tool ensuring the decal is well adhered.


Step 6 - Finished

  • Your vinyl die-cut decal is ready to turn heads and give you years of service.


  • Estimated delivery time 1 - 2 weeks including production and shipping
  • Shipped out by USPS (first class or priority mail)

The Car Material Type can stick to everything as you can see below:

Cars - Trucks - Boats - Motorcycles - Planes - Trains - Tanks - Metals - ATV's - Trailers - Toolboxes - Jet skis - Snowmobiles - Car Windows - Car Surfaces - Tractors - Bath Tubs - Surfboards - Wakeboards - Skim Boards - Skis - Snowboards - Skateboards - Dirt Bikes - Dirt Bike Plastics - Gas Tanks - Mirrors - Lighters - Computers - Laptops - Cabinets - Guitars - Drum - Controllers - Toilets

You get the point, these stick to almost anything ;)